What is Community Economic Development?

//What is Community Economic Development?
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Community Economic Development (CED) is a community-led process of local/regional revitalization. It is a perspective which makes the community the foremost player in its growth or renewal.

CED emphasizes that the people of a community should be directly involved in pursuing and managing their own economic development.

It is recognized that the various regions have different needs and opportunities. In order to achieve success economic development should be charged with local community-led planning and implementation. CED is driven by a community-based approach.

What role does Community Futures Stuart Nechako play in CED?

Community Futures Stuart Nechako, through their strategic planning with the board and staff, determine the role they will play in CED in their communities. For example, they may decide to be the leaders, or the facilitators, coordinators, partners, etc.

CFSN has many "tools" which they can use to assist with CED in the Stuart Nechako Region. These tools can include such things as a loans portfolio, technical support, a counselling function, training programs and project development.

Why is CED needed?

The principles of CED require that community members get together to address those issues affecting the quality of life in their community. Using those principles, CFSN can assist in job creation, value-added activities, business and cooperative development that lead to enhanced viability for the community, the region and the province at the request of the community.

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Community Economic Development focuses on the economic, social, cultural, environmental and educational needs of a community as a whole. All aspects of life important to residents must be addressed if the community is to develop and still maintain its quality of life.