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Welcome to Community Futures Stuart Nechako

Community Futures organizations are independent, locally run and guided by volunteer boards. They actively support community-based economic development with a range of products and services aimed at creating diverse, sustainable rural communities.

We specialize in startup loans and expansion loans for small businesses that the banks won’t help. We also offer business services and advice for startups, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses.

Additionally, we offer business courses that you can register for here.

Taking Care of Business and DREAI

Small businesses in rural areas have been hit hard by various challenges, such as wildfires, flooding, mill closures, and curtailments. The Disaster Recovery and Economic Adjustment Initiative (DREAI) offers relief funding and resources through the Taking Care of Business Platform to support our local businesses. Eligible businesses can access free workshops, mentoring, coaching, and training for themselves and employees. These resources are tailored to rural business needs and aim to help them stay profitable and sustainable. Small business owners can also connect with other owners facing similar challenges and receive expert advice from professionals. Get Taking Care of Business with Community Futures!

Ideas to Market Business Network

See the Ideas to Market Business Network website at

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