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STEP 1 Cover Page


-The Cover Page is the reader’s first impression of your Business Plan it provides the reader with basic contact information.


-Complete the header by following the insert instructions, delete insert instructions to complete the header.

-Complete the footer by inserting your tagline. If you have not yet developed a tagline, come back to this at a later time.

-Complete this page following the insert instructions.

-If you do not have a logo simply insert your business name.

-If you do not have facebook or twitter, delete these lines.

-Delete the insert instructions to complete the page.

STEP 2 Table Of Contents


-The Table of Contents provides the reader with an outline of what is to come in the Business Plan and the order in which the content will appear.


-For now leave the remainder of the Table of Contents as is, when you complete your Business Plan content you will asked to return to the Table of Contents and make final edits.

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