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"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm.
In the realm of the real world all the rest comes from perseverance."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This section of our website contains many sub-sections for ease of digestion and understanding. Starting a business is a complex task. Many helpful links to outside resources can be found throughout the sections. You do not need to start a business on your own. Many people are out there to help.

You may have already spoken to mentors, professional advisors, supporters, family and friends – some of whom may be your future customers or your most critical (and important) advisors. Listen well. Research continually. Stay up-to-date as a professional in your field – take courses, upgrading, accreditations. Keep current on the regulations that affect your business locally, provincially, nationally and globally.

These are just some of the steps in becoming the owner of your own business. The rest you will find below.

Starting a Business

  1. Your Great Idea
  2. You as the Boss
  3. Financing Basics
  4. Choosing the Structure
  5. The Red Tape
  6. 21st Century Communications
  7. Networks & Mentors

OK, I’m Ready to Write the Business Plan

  1. Cover Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Business Description
  4. Financial Projections
  5. Business Financing
  6. Appendices

Business Loans

  1. How to Apply for a Business Loan
  2. Business Loan Application
  3. Business Planning Tools

Expanding Your Business

  1. Risks of Expansion
  2. Expansion Strategies
  3. Plan for Growth
  4. Finance Growth
  5. Manage Growth
  6. Measure & Evaluate

Business Succession

  1. Common Exit Strategies
  2. Valuating Your Business
  3. Grooming Your Successors
  4. Resources