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Lend a Helping Hand to your Community’s Future

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and expertise to support Community Futures Stuart Nechako’s vision – "a robust, diversified economy and healthy, sustainable communities."

Community Futures Board of Directors defines and delegates rather than reacting and ratifying. The Board must work continually to define the direction and end results that the organization is to achieve, and to develop policy that defines the acceptable boundaries within which it can delegate the achievement of those results.

A total of 12 Board members can be nominated, and ideally will represent the region’s resident population, be leaders in our economic sectors, and be living in a number of our service communities:

Special Committees, Special Skills, Special People

You are welcome to submit your application to volunteer in the areas of Special Projects or Business Loans:

  • Special Projects, Community Development, Regional Initatives – Standing or ad-hoc committees are struck at various times to engage board mandated activities that augment the regular functioning of the organization. From time-to-time, projects of community or regional benefit are undertaken by CFSN board members and/or community members-at-large that are assisted by our special projects committees.
  • Business Loans Committee – To provide the board and community input into the loan approval criteria and priorities as well as to provide expertise to the General Manager and staff in the approval of loan applications.
  • Priority skill areas sought from our volunteers:
    * Legal and accounting
    * Succession planning
    * Business planning
    * Forestry
    * Agriculture
    * Retail

How to Volunteer:

  • Read about CFSN, the region and our partners. Contact us if you require specific documents or materials.
  • Drop by our office to discuss your potential interest in our our volunteer positions with our Board Chair or General Manager.
  • Read the Volunteer Recruitment Procedure.
  • Fill out the volunteer application form (Word Document file download) and send it to our office (or drop by during office hours).
  • The General Manager and Chair will review your application, and then meet with you to determine the best fit for your skills, answer any questions that you have and formalize your volunteer position.
  • If you have any questions or need more information contact:
    Graham Stanley (General Manager) T: 1-800-266-0611 or by email