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Introduction to CFSN Loan Program

One of the most successful means that Community Futures (CF) have in fostering entrepreneurship in BC is their ability to provide business loans to entrepreneurs who have had trouble accessing capital from traditional lenders.

In addition to providing individualized business counselling, our Community Futures operation can lend up to $500,000 to new and existing businesses for:

  • capital purchases,
  • operating capital,
  • inventory,
  • start-up costs,
  • top-up financing, and
  • expansion.

Loans received from a Community Futures are fully repayable and are offered at a competitive interest rate. In over ten years of lending to entrepreneurs in British Columbia, the CF’S, on average, have recorded an unprecedented financial institution repayment rate of 96%.

Arranging Financing:

Community Futures can help you arrange financing for your business through regular channels (banks, credit unions, and the Business Development Bank of Canada).

In addition, Community Futures can provide business development loans from their own funds, as well as by accessing specialized loans programs that target segments of the BC population that may face additional obstacles in securing business financing.

Unique Loan Programs:

(1) Community Business Loans Program

The Community Business Loans Program was established in 1996 to make additional capital available for investment in the forestry sector. The former Forest Renewal BC loan fund was established as a CFDC-FRBC matching investment fund where local Community Futures administer loans to clients operating forestry-related businesses. Contact our office for details by email or call 250-567-5219.

(2) Aboriginal Business Development Funding

Community Futures Stuart Nechako works with organizations such as First Nations Agriculture Lending Association to help meet the business development needs of First Nations entrepreneurs throughout our service region.

CFSN provides business counseling and planning services so that Aboriginal entrepreneurs can meet the criteria of the First Citizen’s Fund.

Call, visit or email our office for more details.

Appeal Process

Any applicant whose application has been declined either at the staff level or at the Business Loans Committee level has the right to appeal that decision. The process for appeal is as follows:

When the applicant wishes to appeal a Committee or staff decision, the applicant shall provide any additional information, which could be used in the consideration of the appeal to the General Manager of CFSN.

The General Manager shall review the additional information provided and forward the applicant’s appeal, additional information provided together with the original application and recommendation to the Business Loans Committee for their consideration.

When the Business Loans Committee receives an appeal, they will review and consider all information received.

  • Should the Business Loans Committee decide to reverse the decision based on the information provided, their decision will be forwarded to the applicant.
  • Should the Business Loans Committee decide the appeal is not warranted their decision will be forwarded to the applicant in writing.

In the case where the client does not agree with the decision of the Business Loans Committee, the client has the right of final appeal to the Board of Directors.